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Busoni: Elegien, Toccata, Albumblätter

Solstice SOCD 158 1998


Chopin Album #1: Valses, Fantaisie op. 49

Rosenfinger 003 2014 External Link




Rubinstein: Études, Morceaux

Solstice SOCD 202 2002






Schumann: Carnaval, Symphonic Etudes

Solstice SOCD 221 2004






Scarlatti: Fugues and Sonatas

Euterp 4767195 2002/2005






BUSONI: Œuvres pour piano

7 Elegien, Toccata, Albumblätter

“Choc Du Mois” da Le monde de la musique

“R” ( = Raccomandato) da Répertoire


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Listen: Toccata mp3 128 Kbps




«...In a very original approach Fabio Grasso with his beautiful sound quality and his sure control of the sonority, plays these works with extreme care, trying to enhance the harmonic richness of Busoni’s music. This sound density, which is even more highlighted by the quality of the phrasing, captures the listener...» (G. Honoré, Les “recommendés” de Répertoire, n. 116, Sept. 1998)



«...In Busoni’s catalogue the talented pianist knew how to choose some exceptional pages, with good taste and discernment ... This charming outline shows Busoni at the height of his creative vein. This sure and elegant play enhances the expressiveness of the pieces and of the instrument: Busoni will owe very much to Fabio Grasso.» (J. Gallois, Les petites affiches, n. 133 – Nov. 1998)



Études op. 81, Morceaux op. 69 e 71

First recording


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Listen: Etude op. 81 n. 3 in G-min

mp3 128 kbps




«…The pianist Fabio Grasso is composer too … His conception goes far beyond the plain notes, and this symbiosis with the author originates a real reconstitution of the creative process … The warmth and the variety of the sound, the depth, the sincerity and the enthusiasm of the approach allow us to appreciate the austere beauty and the loftiness of a music that until now has been too neglected.» (M. Fleury, Diapason, Oct. 2002)


SCHUMANN: Carnaval op. 9,

Symphonische Etüden op. 13 + posth. Variations


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YouTube Promo Video


Symphonic Etudes – 5th Posth. Variation mp3 128 kbps

Carnaval – Marche des Davidsbündler contre les Philistins

mp3 128 kbps



«… Fabio Grasso … has what is essential for Schumann, the sense of the colour. His Carnaval does not appear as a suite of abstract variations, it is a theatre with contrasting scenes, in which every character reveals a little of its soul. Even in their different nature, the Symphonic Etudes have a similar inner life. An extremely sure technique allows the interpreter to dominate these works, as without effort, … with measure, without affectation or excesses. F. Grasso has fulfilled his promises, or rather he did something better: his talent reaches today a level of maturity that has to satisfy the most exigent listener.» (Jean Roy, Le monde de la musique, Jan 2005).


« … After having read the wonderful text of presentation weitten by the interpreter himself, we can imagine which kind of performance we’ll listen to … The most impressing feature of his Schumann is the inventive and extremely musical way to manage agogics and phrasing … Tempi are chosen sagely, without display of virtuoso speed, the rubato, object of a structural study, is conducted with great musicality, the sonority is always round, never aggressive … It is said that a young pianist should avoid to record works which are so often played in concert and in CDs. But, in all conscience, how many performances of such a level can we find in the present-day discography? (Riccardo Risaliti, CD Classics, March 2005)05)




The 5 Fugues k 30, 41, 58, 93, 417 Sonatas k 380, 381, 497, 498, 259, 260, 425, 426, 427.


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Listen: Fugue k417Sonata k427

mp3 128 kbps




« Rising young Italian star Fabio Grasso has chosen to include in his selection all five of the Sonatas which Scarlatti wrote in the form of a fugue ... His intellectual approach to the music is well suited to the fugues, but there's virtuosity aplenty too - try the disc's final track, marked 'Presto quanto sia possibile … (castleclassics.com)





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